Photoshoots & Filming

“Stoke Park is a magical and deeply inspiring place. It is one of my very favourite locations in the UK” – Tim Walker, film director and award-winning fashion photographer for Vogue.

Above is a picture taken by Tim Walker during one of his photoshoots at Stoke Park. His inspiration on this occasion came not from the architecture of the famous pavilions but from a tree-ringed lake in the park below them. Wherever he looks here, Tim finds perfect settings for the extravagant staging and romantic motifs that characterise his unmistakable style. One of British Vogue’s star photographers for the past decade, he returns to Stoke Park as often as he can.

In addition to photoshoots of every kind, Stoke Park is available as a location for film and for music videos. Gabrielle Aplin’s video of “The Power of Love” was filmed using both pavilions.

Its appeal is in its evocative atmosphere, which was summed up by the architectural historian Giles Worsley in his most article in the magazine Country Life:

“Half close your eyes on a hot summer day as you stand in one of the pair of columned vestibules, and you could almost be in Italy …. Behind you, the row of free-standing columns recall some Ancient Roman ruin.”

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